Six Word Stories Campaign

This project involved a logo redesign concept of the organization and a campaign for the launch, focusing in their motto “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

As a main focus point, the idea behind the concept of the six-word stories is to create a scene and paint a picture of what is really going on behind the unnoticed. A campaign that for its simplicity it can be easily translated for use in many different languages around the world. The campaign is a series of six-word stories that allows our audience to fill in the blacks of the before and after of a simple phrase. It tells an entire story in only six words. Using the research that psychologically 6-7 words or characters is as much as the human brain can capture and retain for a longer period of time, I intended to make the thought linger in our audience’s minds encouraging them to go online and need to know more about the rest of the story. The idea behind making use solely of typography is to not distract the viewer with imagery showing what is happening, but for them to picture it themselves.

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