branding, packaging and corporate identity
chez maurice
Branding, Packaging and Stationary Concept
Branding, Packaging and Stationary Concept
The corporate identity and branding of Chez Maurice is made to describe the elegant ambiance, professionalism, and trust worthiness of the salon. It is hard to find a salon that you can depend on and afford. Chez Maurice is a high end salon that gives you the availability to get what you want at a reasonable price. 
The colour choice of black, orange and white give the feel of being luxurious and affordable. The logo includes an abstract illustration of scissors that is used as an asset to brand and promote products and events of the hair salon. The typography is sans serif and thin stroke, which relates to elegance. 
The branding can be adapted to many different promotional pieces as needed, with the use of a custom pattern, icon and wordmark.
Branding, Packaging and Stationary Concept

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