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naked grape
Naked Grape Wine Redesign Concept and Packaging
Naked Grape Wine’s brand is known for being cheeky and trendy. The wine itself has a special treatment which does not involve oak barrels and therefore the natural flavour is not overpowered. As a concept for a rebrand, I went for a colourful and playful approach. The natural essence of the wine is a particular taste that stands them apart from the rest.My rebrand emphasized in that burst of flavour you have in the first sip. 
The design encompasses illustrations that flourish and spiral up the bottle. My colour choice varies depending on the wine, from Merlot to Rosé the explosion of flavour will always be different and the design and colour choices revolve around the hints and aromas of the wine. 
The label is designed in a way that it will not only stand out from the rest for its unique dieline but also give the feel of being bold and playful. The typography emphasizes on Naked Grape being cheeky aspect, with a balance between sans serif and straight forward, to script and flirtatious. 
Naked Grape Vehicle Wrap Design Concept

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